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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our hotel-like bedroom: The process and reveal

So we finished our bedroom makeover back in January. It took a lot of hard work and elbow grease, chipping away at layers of paint on the walls, then coating them with our lovely paint colors, and refinishing the floor. We even picked out our pretty curtains and bedspread. When we were finished, it felt like we were sleeping in a nice hotel room. It was definitely a shocker to walk through the hallway and see this at the end of it! Everyone's instant reaction was WOW! haha. Granted, we still need nightstands and better lighting..not to mention a useable closet space and dressers! But here is a look at the process.

The before/progress pictures..

Most of the progress pictures were taken in the late fall and winter of last year. I listened to many-a Christmas song while painting the trim and walls of this baby. Here are the pics:

Trent mudding parts of the wall after we had scraped most of the paint off.
Look at that peach ceiling and ugly wall!! Yeah, it was bad.

Here is another corner of the room. That's the closet on the left. You can see that
more scraping has taken place! We were trying to get the walls to be as smooth as possible
before priming and painting the new color onto the walls.

The "window wall" in all its before glory. Yummy isn't it? 

Here we have a pile of paint chips on the floor. This stuff was
all over the place. In the end, we were left with paint chips in our hair, 
inside our sweatshirts, and a big old garbage bag full of it.

Here is a corner of the room after the first coat of primer was
applied to the walls. Look at how yellow and gross the window trim
and old blinds look compared to the bright white primer!

Here's that window wall again, all primed. Yet the ugly
blinds are still there. Don't worry, we removed them :)

Yay, finally getting paint on the walls and trim!

Painted walls and trim.and floor is cleaned!

Trent applying mineral spirits to the floor. This is supposed
to help clean it and get it ready for the sealer and poly. But it kinda smells horrible.

Applying sanding sealer to the floors. Starting to look nice, no? Make sure your
space is WELL - VENTILATED before refinishing floors. We had the heat on, and it made 
the entire house extremely fume-y. Not good.

After the sealer was applied. Love the richer color. We didn't even need to use stain.

I believe this is after the first coat of poly..the edges obviously not done yet. And as you
can see, the trim still needs another coat of semi-gloss after the sander went through.
Plus, see that curtain rod in the upper right corner? Yay for progess!

The TV that was in my dorm at Ambrose. Mounted on the wall, next to the bathroom door!

And the reveal..drumroll please.....


(Please excuse the blue light from the tv)

 It's gunna be like this until we can gut it and drywall it like the living room. And we
still need to find some nightstands, lamps, redo the closet, etc. But we love it!

Here it is in the daylight with the little pictures hung on each side of the bed.

And here's where we got everything: 

Wall paint: Dutch Boy in "Cozy Neutral" from Wal-Mart, Trim paint: Glidden Semi-gloss white from Home Depot, Curtains: Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot, Curtain rods: Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Bed: Slumberland, Sheets: Kohl's, Duvet cover & shams: Organic cotton pintuck in "Sea Spray" from West ElmWhite and brown pillows: Target, Throw: Target

These are the pictures... I picked the frames up from the dollar store for a buck each,
Then printed out our first initials with a light turquoise background. And voila, cheap art!

Hope you like the bedroom reveal!

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